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Jealous love-cheat killed husband in drunken frenzy

By Claire McNeilly

She looks like any other happy bride on her wedding day, looking forward to spending her future with the man she loved.

But Roisin Doyle was later to stab her husband to death in a drunken rage, after she betrayed him by running off with one of his friends.

Doyle (27) carried out the frenzied knife attack in September 2008 — a year after she left her partner Kevin — when she learned he had found happiness with another woman.

She admitted the manslaughter of the 27-year-old father-of-four, at Craigavon Crown Court last week and will be sentenced on March 23.

Her guilty plea meant the background to the savage killing, during which she plunged a knife into his heart, was not made public in the courtroom.

But a friend of the victim has told how Doyle launched a hate campaign against the woman her estranged husband was seeing.

“She killed Kevin because he had moved on with his life,” the friend told the Sunday Life.

“Even though it was her that dumped him, she didn’t want anyone else to have him. She couldn’t stand to see him happy. It drove her nuts.

“Before she killed him she was spraying graffiti on walls all over west Belfast about his new girlfriend, calling her a home-wrecker, when it was she who had the affair.”

Mr Doyle, who was known as ‘Doyler’, had been playing cards with friends on the night he died.

He decided to visit his children, who lived with their mother, as he was making his way home.

He told the babysitter who had been looking after them that she could go home and said he would watch them until their mother returned.

But when an intoxicated Doyle arrived back a few hours later, she was furious to see her estranged husband sitting on the sofa, and she grabbed a knife and stabbed him in the chest.

He collapsed onto the floor and lay bleeding before eventually managing to stagger out onto the street, where a neighbour found him and called an ambulance.

Tragically, Mr Doyle died the following day in hospital.

Her trial was supposed to start last Monday but she pled guilty to manslaughter at the last minute and she will be sentenced for his killing next month.

Mr Doyle’s younger sister Debbie said her sister-in-law showed no remorse or compassion for what she had done.

“She robbed four sons of a decent and loving father,” she said.

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