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'Joyriding' policemen suspended in Northern Ireland

An internal investigation has been launched by police after footage emerged allegedly showing officers performing joyrider-style stunts in a patrol car while waving a gun in the air.

Four PSNI officers have been suspended and four others repositioned after the service became aware of videophone clips of the incidents.

The footage shows what appears to be PSNI vehicles spinning wildly with tyres smoking in a “donut” manoeuvre. The videos captured a number of alleged incidents both within police grounds and in public areas.

It is understood all the officers were members of the service’s special firearms unit.

PSNI Deputy Chief Constable Paul Leighton said a criminal investigation is under way.

“The Police Service is rightly proud of its reputation for professionalism, ethical behaviour and service to the people of Northern Ireland,” he said.

“That has produced high levels of public confidence. Sadly, there are always some individuals who intentionally, or unintentionally, have a disregard for that reputation.

“I can confirm that the Police Service has launched an internal investigation into the alleged misconduct of a small number of officers.

“It involves the filming, using a mobile phone, of inappropriate behaviour by a number of officers.”

The internal probe will be headed by the PSNI’s Professional Standards Department.

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