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‘Killer Afghan soldier’ contacts BBC reporter

By Clare Weir

A man who claims he is the renegade Afghan soldier who killed three British troops — including Craigavon Lieutenant Neil Turkington — in Afghanistan's Helmand province on Tuesday has contacted the BBC in Kabul.

The man said he had been angry at the conduct of British troops and that he had acted alone. He said he joined the Taliban after the attack.

On Thursday the BBC's Kabul bureau was contacted by the Taliban and was given a mobile phone number to call. An intermediary passed the phone to a man who said he was 21-year-old Talib Hussain from the central Ghazni province of Afghanistan.

During the 10-minute interview, he told the BBC he was “angry at the conduct of British troops in Helmand province”.

The MoD said it was aware of the man's claims.

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