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Killer dad had long history of violence

A father who shot and killed his four-year-old daughter and her mother had a history of violence and had been jailed after terrorising another former partner, it has emerged.

Julie Harrison died in hospital yesterday, 24 hours after being gunned down by her estranged partner Andrew Copland (56), who also killed their daughter Maisie before turning the gun on himself.

Ms Harrison's father Reginald Harrison said his daughter was a “happy-go-lucky, bubbly girl”.

He also paid tribute to his “beautiful granddaughter”, describing her as a “confident, happy, chatty, active, animated, bright young girl who brought joy to our lives”.

Mr Harrison (74), from Camberley in Surrey, said in the statement released by Hampshire police that “Julie was a joy giver and Maisie was our sunshine”.

“Julie and Maisie were innocent parties in this awful tragedy,” he said.

“Julie was a happy-go-lucky, bubbly girl always laughing and joking and pulling my leg.

“Her very presence made us all feel good and we always looked forward to her visits. She was involved in charity work and loved animals, and recently played the role of Father Christmas for the children at playschool.”

Neighbours said Copland was an aggressive, volatile man who had become particularly angry when Ms Harrison (40) walked out on him seven weeks ago.

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