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Killer Moat’s threats to council staff were recorded on tapes

Gunman Raoul Moat threatened staff from a local authority accusing them of lying and being “more bent than the police”.

The former nightclub doorman's frustrations with social workers are captured in conversations he recorded on a secret microphone.

Newcastle City Council was so concerned the 37-year-old father-of-three would target staff after shooting his ex-partner, her new boyfriend and a policeman that it closed several council buildings — understood to include children's centres — while the manhunt was under way.

Last night, ITV News played further extracts from tapes it obtained from a friend of Moat's.

In one telephone conversation with a social worker, recorded in February this year, Moat said: “Yous are bare-faced liars. You've been caught time after time.

“Charges have been dropped because you keep telling lies.

“You see this business in here ... this organisation ... more bent than the police. I've never come across anything like it. I was up in court on two charges for allegations that social had made, that are proven to be false in court through CCTV through all the recordings and I'm still getting crucified for it now.”

And the former nightclub doorman concluded: “OK. That's another contact not taking place for the fifth time since the New Year.

“Marvellous. Special note — social services are *****.”

The recordings were handed to ITV News by a friend of Moat's who wanted him to be seen differently from the person portrayed in the media last week.

Martin Surtees, of Newcastle City Council's Children Services directorate, confirmed the council had closed some buildings while the hunt for Moat was under way.

“Newcastle City Council has had extensive contact with Raoul Moat across a range of council services over a number of years,” he said. “The principle reason for the council's contact with him was in relation to the welfare and safety of two of his children.”

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