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Lewis F1 victory sees punter race off with £125,000

A loyal fan has forced a major bookmaker into its largest ever single payout for a motor sport bet after staking £100 on Lewis Hamilton’s win when he was still a go-karting teenager.

The unnamed punter last night collected £125,000 after gambling on the talent he spotted in a 13-year-old boy on the go-kart track.

He bet £100 at 500-1 with Ladbrokes that Hamilton would win the F1 championship before his 25th birthday and £50 at odds of 1,500-1 for the double.

The Ladbrokes customer, whose son used to race go-karts against Hamilton, placed the bet on May 13 1998.

The middle-aged man from Peterborough already pocketed £40,000 last season when he collected on a £200 wager at 200-1 that Hamilton would win his first F1 race before he turned 23.

Christian Santo, from Kent, is celebrating his own windfall of £10,000 after staking £100 with William Hill in 2003 at odds of 100/1 that Hamilton would eventually win the world title.

Another William Hill client staked £32,000 on Hamilton at 1/4 on Sunday morning to win the world title and collected £40,000.

The anonymous Peterborough punter is hoping to book a holiday to Cuba and buy a Tag Heuer watch with his winnings.

He said he will have the back engraved with Hamilton’s signature.

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