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Liam Neeson dubs hometown bandstand 'Harmony Hub'

The modern structure has been compared to a spaceship
The modern structure has been compared to a spaceship

By Nevin Farrell

Oscar-nominated actor Liam Neeson has selected the name 'Harmony Hub' for a new bandstand in his Ballymena home town.

He picked the title after the local council ran a naming competition for schools in the area.

The hub replaces a bandstand that occupied Broadway in the centre of the town.

The new copper-clad structure, likened to a spaceship by some, has seen opinions firmly divided on social media.

Work on the structure is now complete and yesterday Mid and East Antrim Borough Council announced it will be called Harmony Hub.

It said the name "was selected by Hollywood superstar Liam Neeson following a competition organised by Mid and East Antrim Borough Council in partnership with schools throughout the area".

Neeson said: "We look forward to the future, welcome it, adapt and attract new business initiatives. This beautiful, yet simple structure symbolises all that and more. Many congratulations."

Recently, when the competition was announced, the actor had said: "How appropriate that a wonderful new structure will be erected right bang in the middle of the town to be used as a gathering place, a place to shop, be entertained, meet the neighbours for a chat and a catch-up - set the world to rights!

"And also, more importantly, to show the world that we won't sit and 'lick our wounds' at losing two vital factory industries."

The first official events at Harmony Hub will be this Saturday.

The inaugural performers will be local bands Picture The Sound and The Resolution, with stilt-walkers, jugglers and more on hand, from 11am.

Mayor Lindsay Millar said: "Summer Sounds at Broadway promises fantastic outdoor entertainment for all ages and will create a great atmosphere in the town centre every Saturday."

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