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Lo protest parade faces restrictions

By Lesley-Anne Henry

The Parades Commission has placed restrictions on a controversial parade to protest against South Belfast MLA Anna Lo.

The band parade, due to take place on November 24, was organised by the loyalist Pride of the Raven flute band after Alliance representative Ms Lo sent a letter to the band's secretary on behalf of a female constituent, a nurse who had complained that a previous parade had prevented her from getting to work.

The letter was addressed to George Spence's home and identified him as a band member, thus, he claimed, endangering his life.

Up to 40 bands and 3,000 loyalists had been expected to attend the parade in Belfast in November.

But last night the Parades Commission limited that number to 40.

The watchdog also banned the parade from going through Donegall Pass which has a large Chinese community and ruled that only one band could take part. The parade must also be finished by noon.

Members of the Chinese community said they felt intimidated after the British National Party backed the parade.

At the time, Ms Lo apologised over the letter. She also offered to meet with the Pride of the Raven band and urged them to call off the march through Donegall Pass.

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