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How our A-level league table was compiled

The Belfast Telegraph is the only source of comprehensive league tables showing the results of every post-primary school in Northern Ireland. We obtained the data from the Department of Education for A-level and GCSE examinations sat in the 2016/17 academic year after a Freedom of Information request and compiled the figures into easy-to-read league tables, ordered from top to bottom. In the A-level league tables we have used the percentage of pupils in the final year of a level 3 course who achieved three A-levels between an A* to C grade in each school as the standard measure.

There are then 33 schools where A-levels were either not sat in 2016/17 or the numbers who sat them were so low that the pupils could be identified if results were published. We have not ranked these schools by number. The Department of Education does not produce A-level or GCSE league tables and has asked us to point out that it does not endorse them.

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