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'I had no hand or gain in abduction'

Sean Quinn
Sean Quinn

Former billionaire Sean Quinn has denied he had anything to do with the abduction and torture of Quinn Industrial Holdings director Kevin Lunney.

On September 17, Mr Lunney (50) was abducted from his home near Derrylin, in Co Fermanagh, before being held captive for almost three hours.

He was then dumped nearly naked at a crossroads near Cornafean, Co Cavan. He had been beaten and sliced with a Stanley blade while some of his finger nails were also removed.

"I think that somebody with a high IQ would know that Sean Quinn is not a real fool and that he would know if something like what happened to Kevin Lunney happened, that people would be looking in his direction.

"Wouldn't I know that? So unless they consider me a real idiot, sure there's no way that I could allow that to be done in my name," he said in an interview broadcast last night by Channel 4 News.

When asked if he knew about, commissioned or sanctioned the abduction and torture of Mr Lunney, Mr Quinn said: "No I didn't".

"I had no hand, act or part, or no gain. I'd have no benefit from doing anything to Kevin Lunney.

"Kevin Lunney and I were good friends for years."

Mr Quinn said the incident ended any ambition he had to return to the Quinn Group.

"I'm telling you that a month ago I still had ambitions to go back into those offices and sort out Quinn Group - a month ago, not today," he said.

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