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Irish government outlines no-deal plans

By Cate McCurry

The Irish government has agreed to group all Brexit legislation into one omnibus Bill as it outlined its contingency plans for a no-deal Brexit.

It comes after the Irish cabinet held detailed discussions on its approach to legislation to mitigate some of the most damaging effects of no deal.

The government said that, by grouping it into one Bill, it will help speed up the process of the legislation becoming enacted.

Speaking after the cabinet meeting, Ireland's Foreign Affairs Minister Simon Coveney said it was important planning continued for all outcomes, including no-deal.

He said the meeting had focused on transport connectivity and medicines, with memos brought forward by transport minister Shane Ross and health minister Simon Harris.

Mr Coveney said: "We also agreed an approach to no-deal Brexit legislation.

"Finally, I updated the cabinet on developments with our Common Travel Area, which will continue in all circumstances.

"A no-deal Brexit will have a significant impact on Ireland, these measures being taken by the government are designed to limit the damage.

"It remains our view that the only way to secure an orderly withdrawal is to ratify the Withdrawal Agreement."

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