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Mobile courts could answer closure issue, claims judge

By Brian Farmer

Ministers must start thinking out of the witness box to combat the problem of court closures, according to a senior UK family court judge.

Sir James Munby said courts should be able to go to the people if the people find it hard to get to the courts.

He said decision makers should think more about courts on wheels, courts in offices, pubs and village halls and courts online.

Sir James outlined his thoughts as he prepared to retire and draw his five-year spell as president of the Family Division of the High Court to a close.

"When I was young, one was familiar with huge vans going around the countryside, and one was the mobile library and the other, which was a similar size, was the mobile X-ray unit," he told journalists.

"Well, why do we not use that kind of pantechnicon as a mobile court?"

He suggested judges could go out one day a week to a room in council offices, or another venue.

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