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Tragic crash victim Kyra gave others gift of life by donating organs


The coffin of Kyra McKinley is carried from church yesterday
The coffin of Kyra McKinley is carried from church yesterday
The coffin of Kyra McKinley is carried from church yesterday
Kyra’s loved ones comfort each other as her coffin is carried from Omagh Presbyterian Church following her funeral
Kyra McKinley

By Donna Deeney

Car crash victim Kyra McKinley has given others the hope of life by donating her organs, mourners were told at her funeral yesterday.

Addressing hundreds of people who paid their final respects at Omagh Presbyterian Church, Rev Jane Nelson paid tribute to the emergency services who administered medical care to the 21-year-old which ultimately allowed her to make one last gift to others.

Kyra passed away on Tuesday from injuries sustained when her car left the road on Saturday.

Rev Nelson said: "Last Saturday Kyra's short but jam-packed life came to an abrupt halt as a result of a road traffic accident.

"An end to this generous-hearted bubbly girl you might think, but that was not to be the case.

"Thanks to the prompt action at the scene, the work of the emergency services on the ground and the Air Ambulance service, Kyra was taken to the RVH and whilst they were unable to save her life, they were able to facilitate Kyra's wish to have her organs donated in the event of her death as she carried an organ donor card.

"This beautiful, talented, creative girl who was warm-hearted and generous to the core has now been able to give others the hope of a better life as a result of her generous decision."

Leading the mourners were Kyra's parents, Raymond and Valerie, siblings Alex and Glenn, and boyfriend Matthew Allen. They heard Rev Nelson tell the congregation how Kyra used her many talents for the good of others.

The minister said: "We are all devastated and shocked to be here today.

"Kyra, like every individual here, was unique but she was quirkily unique.

"It was said during the week that there were no straight lines with Kyra, everything she did had her own quirky unique stamp upon it and so this service is to be a celebration of her beautiful, busy and bubbly life.

"We have heard about Kyra the songbird and how Kyra used the wonderful gift God gave her to sing his sweet praises, but Kyra was not just a singer, she was also a giver - a giver of gifts, a giver of service and a giver of life."

Rev Nelson continued: "Her mum described her as the fizz and pop in the family; the one who was there to brighten a dark day, the mischief maker and the one who was always buzzing about looking for new projects to start and new causes to support.

"Kyra was a bundle of energy and enthusiasm but she also spotted those in a group who were feeling a bit left out and would encourage them with her wide open smile and her engaging, welcoming personality to join in the fun."

Rev Nelson described Kyra as "an incredibly talented girl" who had skills in photography, painting, baking, crocheting and gardening.

She said: "Her talents were not used just for herself, but were shared with others, whether that was home-baked goods for the staff in the office, a crocheted blanket for a new mother or a tub of plants to brighten up Granny Margaret's yard in Botera [Co Tyrone]."

At the end of the service, Kyra's coffin was carried from the church while a recording of her singing Amazing Grace played in the background.

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