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Lorry crashes into bedroom

By Linda McKee

An Ulsterman today described his shock after an articulated lorry ploughed through the wall of his home on the Downpatrick-Ardglass road.

Dominic Deegan called for the road to be widened in the area of his home after two lorries collided. One hit a house before crashing into the one next door.

Mr Deegan said he was lucky he had not been in the bedroom when the lorry hit at around 4pm yesterday.

He was in his kitchen when he heard what sounded like an explosion and glass breaking.

"I got up, ran out the front door and saw the lorry half-way into the bedroom. It was quite a shock, it still is a shock," he said.

Mr Deegan said his wife, disabled daughter and pregnant grand-daughter were not hurt.

"This is bad enough, but it's only structural so it will be repairable," he said. "The neighbour's is actually worse.

"I was very lucky I wasn't in the bedroom. It just could have been a lot worse."

Mr Deegan's neighbour Maria Hanna said that in the past cars had ploughed into her front garden and buses gone through the hedge. "There has been nothing of this degree or this magnitude. It's just a big hole in the front of my house," she said.

Neither driver had to be treated in hospital and the four people in the house at the time were uninjured but shocked. A pregnant woman was later taken to the Mater Hospital following concerns over her condition.

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