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Lottery winner blew £250,000 on cocaine

A woman who won the British Lottery as a teenager has told how she blew £250,000 on cocaine.

Callie Rogers, now 22, told the 'News of the World' that she has just £20,000 left of the £1.9 million (€2.3m) jackpot she won six years ago.

She said despair had led her to try to kill herself three times.

Most of the £250,000 she spent on cocaine - "a nasty evil drug" - had been for an ex, she claimed.

"But it was all my money that bought it. And that makes me absolutely disgusted with myself for allowing that to happen."

Her suicide attempts came once before the big win, then several years ago, then last November when she slashed her wrist, the newspaper reported.

"Since then I have not touched any drugs and I've started to rebuild my life,'' said Ms Rogers, who has a young son and a daughter.

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