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Love triumphs over hurricane

Ulster newlyweds manage to stay upbeat after storm hits resort in Jamaica

By Victor Gordon

An Ulster honeymoon couple had to sit tight during Hurricane Dean as it raged through their idyllic resort in Jamaica.

David and Leanne Harland - along with hundreds of other guests - were confined to their hotel, aptly named 'Couples', in the Caribbean resort of Negril.

And as the storm thundered on towards Mexico, they rang their parents at home in Co Armagh to tell them all was well.

Leanne's mum, Lillian, from Portadown, said: "We were obviously worried when we saw the devastation on television.

"Leanne told us the hotel suffered some damage - the roof of the bar was blown off - but as long as nobody was injured, that's the main thing."

David's mum, Vivian, from the Birches area, said: "They were quite upbeat about it. Once the hurricane blew over, it was back to the sunshine and the beach.

"It'll be a good conversation piece when they come back."

Leanne is a lab technician in Belfast City Hospital and David is a partner in the family maintenance engineering firm.

They were married at Gilford Free Presbyterian Church, Co Down.


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