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Loyalist mob threatens son of murdered Catholic

The son of a Catholic man beaten to death by a sectarian mob has been threatened by loyalists.

Police informed the grieving man last night that a threat had been made against him, according to security sources in Northern Ireland.

The warning came just 48 hours after his father, 49-year-old Kevin McDaid, was brutally murdered just yards from the family home in Coleraine, Co Londonderry.

Ten people remained in custody today over the killing of the well known father of four. Two other men arrested in connection with the incident were released without charge last night.

The cross-community worker was targeted by a gang of up to 40 men who entered a mainly Catholic housing estate after Rangers beat rivals Celtic to the Scottish Premier League title.

A second man, Damien Fleming, 46, is fighting for his life in hospital after being assaulted during the same disturbances.

The independent Police Ombudsman has been called in to investigate claims that the police did not do enough to prevent the violence.

Mr McDaid's widow Evelyn, who was badly injured in the attack, believes the murder was the work of the loyalist Ulster Defence Association but police say there was no suggestion it was orchestrated by paramilitaries. The UDA's political wing - the UPRG - yesterday condemned the killing.

Coleraine councillor Billy Leonard said the threat to the dead man's son was the ultimate insult.

"These sectarian loyalists have murdered Kevin, badly beaten his wife Evelyn and now deliver the ultimate insult by threatening one of the sons," said the Sinn Fein representative.

"All loyalist and unionist politicians and community leaders, including the UPRG, must now stand up and be counted by publicly and privately working to rid this community of such low level activity.

"The world is sickened by Kevin's murder yet cancerous Coleraine still spews out its loyalist sectarian bile and hatred.

"This family have suffered enough: they must be able to grieve without further pressure. Those loyalists responsible must now publicly withdraw the threat and close down forever and the Police need to confirm which loyalist group the threat emanates from."

Organisers of a planned loyalist march in Coleraine at the weekend have been urged to postpone the event over fears it could exacerbate tensions in the area.

The independent Parades Commission is to review its decision to grant permission for the event later today.

Another man was arrested today for questioning about the murder of Mr McDaid.

The 33-year-old was detained in Coleraine and taken to the Serious Crime Suite in Antrim. His detention brings to 11 the number in custody.

Meanwhile, Security Minister Paul Goggins visited Coleraine for talks with police chiefs about the murder and appealed for everyone to remain calm in the run up to the planned loyalist parade.

As the Parades Commission reviewed its permission for the parade he said: "What we need is some space and some time for people to work together to make sure that whatever may happen, it is organised on a voluntary basis with the whole community".

The minister said people should be "honouring the memory of Mr McDaid and showing real respect for him and his family."

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