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Maddy: 3 released

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The search for missing Madeleine McCann was continuing today after the release of three people questioned overnight amid intense police activity.

As the Belfast Telegraph launched a poster appeal to assist in the hunt for the missing tot, Briton Robert Murat, a German woman and a Portuguese man were all interviewed by Portugal's Policia Judiciaria until late last night.

As their statements were being taken, forensic experts were searching Mr Murat's house less than 150 metres from the McCanns' former apartment.

A source close to the investigation confirmed that he understood the three were released and were "not yet" being treated as suspects. They were not under arrest, but simply questioned as potential witnesses.

Meanwhile, Belfast Telegraph posters of four-year-old Madeleine will be distributed to airports, banks, travel agents, post offices, tourist offices, hostels and pharmacies across Northern Ireland.

The campaign - which has the backing of Madeleine's aunt, Philomena McCann - urges Ulster people travelling abroad to look out for the missing youngster.

Belfast Telegraph editor Martin Lindsay said: "The McCann family are desperate to keep the story in the public eye and we are more than happy to do everything we can to help."

People arriving at Belfast International Airport this morning for a flight to Faro in Portugal welcomed the campaign.

Portadown woman Jackie Grimason also spoke of her fears ahead of a holiday with her three-year-old daughter.

Above: Holidaymakers at Belfast airport receive appeal posters

She said: "I am very worried. Normally I look forward to my holidays, but obviously this whole Madeleine thing has put a bit of a dampener on things.

"I will be worried going out there and I will be worried while we are there."

Northern Ireland's First Minister Ian Paisley has spoken of the ordeal of the McCann family.

He said: "This is a terribly difficult time for the family and I want to assure them of my thoughts and prayers.

"No-one can fail to be touched by the way the family have approached this ordeal.

"I would call on anyone who has knowledge of the whereabouts of Maddy to contact the police."

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