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Mail puts stamp on 350 years of Army uniformity

By Eddie McIlwaine

Royal Mail is getting into uniform - to show off different Army styles down the years.

Three hundred and fifty years of military uniforms are being illustrated on six new stamps which have just gone on sale.

From flamboyant troopers to camouflaged combatants, each stamp features a soldier representing a particular stage in the development of the Army uniform down the ages.

The set starts with the 1999 uniform of a NCO in the Royal Military Police on the first 1st Class stamp and ends with a buff-coated Trooper from the Earl of Oxford's Horse Guards from 1661 on the final 78p stamp.

A Grenadier of the Royal Regiment of Foot of Ireland 1704 adorns another of the 78p stamps.

This Army set will be followed in the New Year by a series on the theme of RAF uniforms and then Royal Navy uniforms in 2009.

The stamps in detail are:

> First class showing an NCO of the Royal Military Police circa 1999

> First class with a tank commander 5th Royal Tank Regiment 1944

> First class depicting an observer Royal Field Artillery 1917

> 78p: a rifleman, 95th Rifles 1813

> 78p: a grenadier, Royal Regiment of Foot of Ireland 1704

> 78p: a trooper of the Earl of Oxford's Horse 1661.

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