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Man accused of sectarian murder bid 'has alibi'

A man accused of attempted murder during sectarian clashes in Northern Ireland has an alibi, a court heard today.

Philip Kane, 34, appeared at Coleraine Magistrates' Court, Co Londonderry, following disturbances which left his alleged victim battling for life in hospital.

Damien Fleming, 46, was badly injured when violence erupted last month following Scottish football fixtures which saw Glasgow Rangers beat Celtic to the Scottish Premier League title.

A 40-strong loyalist mob entered the mainly Catholic estate where Mr Fleming was attacked.

Detective Sergeant Peter McKenna said: "We have spoken to all alibi witnesses to date.

"Some do confirm that alibi."

He added a large number did not corroborate the alibi.

Kane, from Brook Street, Coleraine, was charged with attempted murder and appeared surrounded by riot police.

A small crowd had gathered outside the courthouse.

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