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Man claims Sisters abused him in 1940s

A Londonderry man has issued a writ against the Sisters of Nazareth over claims he was abused during the 1940s.

Waterside-based solicitor Hilary Carmichael has issued the writ on behalf of the man — who wishes to remain anonymous — claiming that the Sisters physically abused him as a child and denied him the right to a family life.

The man was born in 1940 and raised until 1946 by the Sisters of Nazareth at Termonbacca Care Home on the edge of Derry which is now a Carmelite retreat centre.

Although his mother twice returned to try and claim her son in the early 40s she was told that he had been sent to Australia. In 1946 he was farmed out to live with a family on the Inishowen Peninsula in Co Donegal.

Ms Carmichael said: ”We are putting in a twofold claim; one of the physical abuses suffered; and the second of by keeping him away from his mother and saying that he was in Australia they have breached his right to family life.”

Speaking on radio, the man alleged: “My years in Termonbacca, they weren't good. The way they treated us in there I think was wrong. The abuse that I got, the memories and problems I have, it's ruined my life.”

He said of the legal challenge: “I am hoping it will give me the answers I was looking for and set my mind and my body at peace.

“My childhood was ruined and it has also ruined my life and I am hoping that some closure will come of this now.”

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