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Man jailed for robbery bid on friend

A Belfast man who attempted to rob the elderly man who had befriended him has been jailed for five years.

Belfast Crown Court heard that despite being stabbed through the hands and legs with a screwdriver the 62-year-old man from south Belfast refused to divulge the true pin of his bank card.

The victim, who gets around with the aid of a crutch and who did not want to be named, told Recorder Judge Tom Burgess that he was “okay”.

Judge Burgess told one of the man’s attackers, Darren Cherry who is 29 and of no fixed abode that he had helped subject the victim to a “very nasty and physical assault”.

The judge said it must have been “a very frightening experience” for the man who'd displayed considerable “fortitude and courage” in not giving in to his attackers.

However, Judge Burgess said he accepted that since the attack on April 29 last year, Cherry had expressed his “remorse and shame for betraying his friend in the way he did”.

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