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Man robbed and left in car boot

A man has been snatched off a Newry street by armed men, robbed and left abandoned in the boot of a car, police said today.

The man, who works for a credit company, was making calls in the College Gardens last night when he was confronted by two masked men, one armed with a hand gun.

They demanded money and took the cash he was carrying before bundling him into the back seat of his grey Saab and driving him off.

The car was abandoned in O'Reilly Park and the gang forced the man into the boot of his car before they made off.

He was eventually able to get out of the boot and seek help.

A police spokeswoman said the man was not physically injured but was left shaken by his ordeal.

Detectives have appealed for anyone who was in the College Gardens or Violet Hill area or O'Reilly Park and saw any stage of the robbery to contact them.

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