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Man who slashed mum with kitchen knife gets two years

A man who slashed his mother and stabbed his uncle with a 9ins kitchen knife has been sentenced to two years’ detention after agreeing to spend a further two years on post custody supervision.

Robert Lee Brown (20), from Gotha Street in east Belfast, had been accused of attempting to murder his mum Joanne and uncle Stephen but the Belfast Crown Court jury were directed to acquit him of those charges after he admitted to wounding his mum and stabbing his uncle on January 31 last year.

Brown had initially got into an argument with his mother over his drinking.

He fled to his father's house followed by his mother where things “became heated” with an aggressive Brown shouting and issuing threats.

On hearing the threats his uncle Stephen intervened and restrained him but after letting him go, Brown armed himself with the kitchen knife and stabbed him in the chest, causing his lung to collapse.

When his mother attempted to disarm him, Brown swung at her and cut her abdomen.

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