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Meet Heather Mills, honorary philosopher

By Maureen Coleman

Heather Mills will be hoping to win the Irish over to her side tonight when she addresses students at Trinity College in Dublin.

The estranged wife of Sir Paul McCartney will become an Honorary Patron of the university's Philosophical Society when she takes to the stage to tell her story.

The former glamour model and campaigner will be following in the footsteps of such illuminaries as Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Al Pacino, Dame Helen Mirren and Bertie Ahern when she accepts the award.

Her appearance at the university comes hot on the heels of an angry row with a radio host.

Ms Mills was being interviewed by presenter Nick Ferrari on LBC 97.3FM about global warming when she took exception to some of his questions.

Nick asked her: "All the campaigning... doesn't it get somewhat lessened by you likening yourself to Kate McCann?"

Ms Mills furiously replied that she had never said that, before cutting the interview short and calling the radio host "a waste of time".

President of Trinity's Philosophical Society Ruth Faller said Ms Mills was being honoured for her charity work, campaigning against landmines and animal cruelty, and that she would be interviewing her about her work. But she said students would then be given the chance to put questions to Ms Mills.

It is expected her marriage to the former Beatle and the ongoing controversy over her divorce is likely to come under the spotlight.

Ms Faller said: "It is such an honour to have one of the world's most renowned animal rights campaigners speak at Trinity.

"We're delighted that Ms Mills will be in Dublin to give her extraordinary story. I will be talking to her about the charity work she has done, and let's face it, she has won many international awards. But because of everything else, her campaigning tends to get overlooked.

"I have no idea what questions the students will put to her, but we are all really looking forward to meeting her and hearing what she has to say."

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