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Men and women from RAF Aldergrove on parade

By Eddie McIlwaine

The colour in the streets will be Air Force Blue on Sunday when the men and women from RAF Aldergrove go on parade in Belfast - to fulfil a promise made to them at City Hall half a century ago.

It was back in the summer of 1957, when the late Sir Cecil McKee was Lord Mayor, that the station in South Antrim - now the only RAF base in the province - was granted the Freedom of the City which gives uniformed personnel the traditional right to march.

So on Sunday, Group Captain David Stubbs will exercise that privilege as he leads a parade of 200 - which will also include members of the Army Air Corps - from Royal Belfast Academical Institution to St George's Parish Church in High Street and a Battle of Britain commemoration service (2pm). The men and women in the march - during which the standards of the Air Crew Association and the Royal Air Force Association will be paraded - will pass City Hall on the way where the present Lord Mayor, Jim Rodgers, will take the salute. It will be a poignant and colourful moment with the Band of the Royal Air Force from Cranwell accompanying the marchers to City Hall on a day on which the 50th anniversary of the Army Air Corps is also being celebrated.

In picturesque St George's, the speaker will be the Rev Derek Weir.

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