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Model Agent winner Carrie-Anne Burton shows off baby Max

By Maureen Coleman

Supermodel mum Carrie-Anne Burton proudly shows off her new son Max for the first time.

And with his jet black hair and dark eyes, it looks like baby Max has inherited the good-looking genes which helped his stunning mum win the all-Ireland RTE competition The Model Agent.

Speaking to the Belfast Telegraph, Downpatrick girl Carrie-Anne told how she had fallen in love with her baby the moment he was born and how she couldn’t imagine life without him now. And she said she was adapting well to motherhood, with the help of boyfriend Daryl and her family.

Carrie-Anne (19) said: “He’s just so beautiful and he’s a really good baby, very quiet.

“The minute he was born I just fell in love with him. That was that. I was surprised at just how strongly I felt, but it’s all good. I’ve adapted well to motherhood and am enjoying it, though I am very tired because I’m breast feeding.

“Daryl’s taken to being a dad well too, he’s even changed a few nappies. He’s lucky though because he can sleep when I’m feeding him.

“We were both very nervous when we were sent home with Max. Neither of us had a clue what to do, but I think we’re doing a good job. We’ve settled into our wee routine very well.”

Carrie-Anne said she had found the birth less traumatic than she had expected, describing it as a ‘peaceful’ experience.

“I listened to too many horror stories beforehand and was really frightened,” she said.

“On the day of his birth we went up to the Ulster Hospital. I tried the water pool at first but didn’t like it.

“I had a lot of pain relief which obviously helped, but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. In fact, I’d describe the whole experience as peaceful. I must be a bit weird, but I actually quite enjoyed it.”

The following day the young family returned to their Downpatrick home to settle in with their new addition. Carrie-Anne said: “We just switched off our phones and have really only spoken to family in the last few weeks.

“We just wanted to get used to being a wee family on our own.”

The winner of the inaugural Face of DV8 competition discovered she was pregnant while filming the RTE show The Model Agent — a national search for a potential Irish supermodel.

At the time, she believed she had scuppered her chances but was shocked and delighted when she went on to be crowned the winner in May.

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