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Moffett murder: Mother brands killers 'scum'

By Michael McHugh

The mother of a loyalist gunned down on the Shankill Road in west Belfast said the Ulster Volunteer Force's ceasefire was over.

Susan Moffett branded the killers of her son Bobby Moffett, 43, cowards and "scum" after he was shot dead at point blank range on the Shankill Road on Friday afternoon.

When asked by a UTV reporter if the ceasefire was over, Ms Moffett replied "Yes."

Two men, aged 31 and 25, are being questioned by police about the killing. There has been no official confirmation which, if any, paramilitary group was involved.

Ms Moffett told UTV: "They are scum, each and every one of them. Scum, there's no words I can tell you love what they have done to me and my family.

"We'll bring him home even though I won't be able to put my arms around him or hold him. I can't do that. In fact, there is only a box."

At least two masked gunmen wearing fluorescent jackets shot Mr Moffett at the corner of Conway Street and the Shankill Road, and he died in hospital.

He was a former prisoner believed to have links to a splinter group of the UVF known as the Red Hand Commando. There are a range of theories about why he may have been attacked. Police have not confirmed the UVF are responsible.

Dawn Purvis, leader of the Progressive Unionist Party (PUP), whose party has links to the UVF, has said there is concern that illegal weapons are still available.

The UVF has claimed all weapons under its control were destroyed after the main loyalist groups decommissioned arms within the last year.

However, Ms Moffett dismissed the idea that its ceasefire had been credible.

"They're out for all the money they can get," she said.

"I would like to see them all put off the road altogether. They run it and are getting paid thousands and what for? Killing wee lads.

"Even youngsters they're doing and what for? Their own benefit."

She said the gunmen mutilated her son and half his face and his head were blown away.

"I hope whoever done it will rot in hell," she added.

"I think they are cowardly cats. They couldn't face my son with their knuckles so they had to kill him. To me that's what they had to do."

Victims' campaigner Raymond McCord has called for action against the PUP and for sanctions to be taken against Ms Purvis directly.

He said there should be more support for the families suffering. The Independent Monitoring Commission has said the UVF has made worthwhile progress in its moves towards peace.

Police investigating Mr Moffett's death last night arrested a man aged 35 in the Belfast area.

He is being questioned at Antrim serious crime suite and is the third person in custody.

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