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More winter weather on the way as spring bites

Don't pack away those winter coats just yet. More of the chilly conditions which hit Northern Ireland over the weekend are on their way.

Forecasters warned of wintry conditions across Ulster yesterday as many parts of the UK suffered from snow showers.

The Met Office said there was at least an 80% chance of snow and widespread icy roads across Northern Ireland last night.

Forecasters are also predicting more rain, sleet and even chances of snow to fall over the next few weeks dashing any hopes of a return of the spring weather which greeted the province last Thursday.

Temperatures soared to 17 degrees in some parts - unusually high for this time of year - giving people hope they might be able to break out the shorts and flip-flops. However, by Friday afternoon spring faded and winter came back with a vengeance.

Paul Fox-Hughes from the Met Office said that while last week's warm weather was higher than normal, it was not unusual for April to have bouts of irregular weather.

"Springtime tends to be very variable," he said. " Occasionally you get quite significant southerly winds which bring about the warmer weather and some winds that dredge up some Arctic air which makes it colder. That sort of variability is not that uncommon for Spring."

However, he added that it was highly unlikely Northern Ireland would be experiencing any more above-average temperatures this month.

Instead, he said, Ulster could expect more frosty mornings, intermittent wintry showers and low temperatures for the rest of the month. Last night temperatures fell to around -3C and it is expected to reach about 8C during the day today. Mr Fox-Hughes said it look as though the province was heading for below-average temperatures this month.

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