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Mother of twins mauled by fox seeks action against ‘pests’

The Co Down mother of the twin baby girls who were mauled by a fox “leaving them looking like something from a horror movie” is demanding action from local authorities against the urban scavengers.

Pauline Koupparis, who is originally from Newcastle said that she hoped that the “horrendous” attack on her nine-month-old children at her London home would force councils to act on the problem of the growing urban fox population.

She was also supported by Boris Johnson, the mayor of London, who has called for a greater focus to control the “pests” in the capital.

Isabella is receiving specialist treatment at Great Ormond Street Hospital while Lola is at the Royal London Hospital in Whitechapel. Both are still in an “serious but stable” condition.

Lola had facial injuries and some puncture marks on her arm, while Isabella suffered injuries to her arm. Both girls have undergone surgery.

Mrs Koupparis, a 41-year-old fashion designer, said that after her babies have recovered, she will campaign for action against the dangers of urban foxes.

She said: “It's been a horrendous time.

“My priority is my babies but this incident has to be used to put pressure on the relevant bodies to act on the fox problem. It would help me feel that a negative could be made a positive.”

“I could not live with myself if this happened to another family.”

The twins were attacked as they slept at their parents' smart three-storey home at around 10pm on Saturday.

Their four-year-old brother, Max, who was also sleeping upstairs, was not hurt.

The fox is thought to have crept in through a door on the ground floor which had been left open because of the hot weather while Mrs Koupparis and her husband Nick watched Britain's Got Talent on television.

After the attack, pest controllers set fox traps in the back garden and a fox found in one of the devices was humanely destroyed by a vet.

A Great Ormond Street Hospital NHS Trust spokeswoman said yesterday: “The Trust can confirm that Isabella Koupparis is still a patient at the hospital and continues to receive the highest possible levels of care from medical staff.”

The Royal London Hospital said Lola remained in a serious but stable condition.

Mr Johnson is also putting pressure on councils to deal with the increasing number of foxes.

“People like to think foxes are a wonderful addition to the flora and fauna of London but they are undoubtedly a pest,” he said.

“They are a menace in their scavenging for rubbish and as you saw in the last couple of days they can, in very rare circumstances, present a threat to human beings as well.

“Therefore it's right that boroughs should focus on their duties for pest control because as romantic and cuddly as a fox is, it is also a pest.”

Mrs Koupparis said when she discovered the tots after the mauling, it was “like a living nightmare”.

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