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Motorists and their make-up madness

Putting on mascara, making eyes at attractive pedestrians or even eating a takeaway meal are just some of the things drivers get up to while at the wheel, it was revealed today.

A 22-year-old woman was convicted of careless driving for a “mirror, signal, mascara” offence, the AA said.

When asked about the problems of make-up on the move, a 60-year-old socialite quipped: “What else are red lights for, darling?”

In Scotland a male driver was fined £300 and banned for six months for almost crashing when using an electric shaver on the move.

Other drivers have been fined for eating apples, Mars bars, and texting, while an AA/Populus survey showed that 70% of males said they had been distracted by an attractive person in another car or on the street, although only a quarter of women claimed to have been distracted in this way.

AA president Edmund King said: “We hope that drivers in 2010 will make a resolution to leave their bad habits behind them.”

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