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Move over Beckham and Cheryl Cole - Lampard's Bleakley is the new WAG in town

By Amy Ryan

With Victoria Beckham and Cheryl Cole out of the World Cup the One Show's Christine Bleakley could be leading the charge of the WAGS

While Christine has given no indication so far of her intentions to travel to the FIFA showdown, the Newtownards beauty could bring a touch of much-needed glamour and sophistication to the depleted ranks of the WAGS.

After David Beckham’s latest injury nightmare it looks like Victoria Beckham won’t be going to South Africa.

Cheryl Cole probably won’t be there either after her well-publicised bust-up with husband Ashley.

There are just a couple of problems. Christine has already revealed that she hates the term ‘WAG’, and with her career going from strength to strength she is unlikely to want to take a month off simply to support a partner who recently described himself as “a single man”.

Christine has herself been much more open about the relationship, recently telling the Mail on Sunday that it is “still early days” and they are “just having fun”.

But is she likely to want to jet out to South Africa, particularly with the negative Press the England WAGS received during the last World Cup in Germany?

On that occasion the boozy antics of the wives and girlfriends based in Baden Baden received more headlines than the players did on the pitch.

This time around coach Fabio Capello has already signalled his intention to limit the negative headlines by slapping a ban on the wives and girlfriends setting up a base near the England training camp.

Christine is unlikely to want to attract such negative headlines and it is hard to see her thrashing the credit card like other WAGS.

She said recently: “I am so not a WAG.

“The other day I read a scathing article that said I was ‘over ambitious' and wanted to be the next Cheryl Cole and take over the world. Every word was the opposite of what I am.”

Lampard has also dropped the strongest of hints that he will be travelling to South Africa on his own.

He recently said: “If you say that for those four to six weeks I have got to be away from my girlfriend, then I'll take it. I don't want the women staying somewhere round the corner, so I'm thinking, ‘does she want me there today? I want to rest today, I don't really want to go out and see her, but the other players are going, so should I?'“

But a famous friend of the secretive couple has urged Christine to go to South Africa, stating that it would mean less stress for Lampard between big games.

Britain's Got Talent judge and close friend Amanda Holden has told the pair they'll be surprised how “much easier life” will be if The One Show host joins the rest of the WAGS in Africa.

Writing in a gossip column, Holden said: “I predict big love for my friend The One Show's Christine Bleakley and Chelsea footballer Frank Lampard.

“They've been avoiding the paparazzi but if they go public with their romance they'll be surprised how much easier life becomes.

“Christine is refreshingly undemanding so won't be a stress to Frank during the World Cup.”

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