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Mr Gay UK 'cooked and ate sex partner'

The first winner of the Mr Gay UK beauty contest stabbed a man to death, cut flesh from his thigh, then cooked it and tried to eat it, a court heard.

Anthony Morley, 36, a chef, then walked to a takeaway in Leeds and told staff he had killed a man, Leeds Crown Court was told yesterday.

Pieces of cooked human flesh were allegedly found in his kitchen. Mr Morley, who was named Mr Gay UK in 1993, denies murdering Damian Oldfield, 33, who he claims tried to rape him.

Andrew Stubbs QC, for the prosecution, said the pair met on 23 April and went to Mr Morley's house, where they had sex. Mr Morley cut Mr Oldfield's throat and stabbed him several times.

After trying to eat a piece of his victim, Mr Morley walked into a takeaway wearing a white dressing gown and flip flops and said: "I've killed someone, call the police. Someone tried to rape me so I killed that person. What have I done?".

He has denied murdering Mr Oldfield.

His barrister, Robert Smith QC, said Mr Morley cut Mr Oldfield’s throat and seasoned parts of the body - “cooking and sampling a section by chewing”.

He said Morley was guilty at least of manslaughter but the issue would be over provocation or abnormality of mind

The trial continues.

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