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Mum’s joy as stolen snaps of tragic twins are returned

By Victoria O’Hara

The young woman who had her handbag stolen which contained cherished images of her stillborn twins was yesterday said to be “delighted” after it was returned to her home.

Colleen Robinson (19), from Teeling Avenue in west Belfast ,had been out at an 18th birthday celebration on Saturday when her bag, with her digital camera and mobile phone inside, went missing.

They both contained irreplaceable photographs of her baby boys, Ciaran and Tiernan.

The twins were stillborn on October 29, 2008.

Following an emotional appeal by Miss Robinson and her family the bag, — with the mobile and camera still inside — was returned to her home last night.

Miss Robinson had gone to Beckett’s bar on Stewartstown Road on Saturday night when her bag disappeared. It was the first time she had gone out since the death of the twin boys.

A foetal heartbeat couldn’t be detected by nursing staff just before Miss Robinson was due to give birth.

Both Miss Robinson and the father, Ciaran Pettigrew (19), took a number of pictures of their babies — and other members of their family — before the twins’ funeral and burial.

Some of the photographs also included her grandmother who is now very ill.

Her mother Jacqueline said they were visiting Miss Robinson’s grandmother when a woman called at the house.

“A girl arrived up at the door and had Colleen’s provisional licence in her hand and the handbag,” she said.

“She asked my daughter if Colleen was in and she said she was just leaving it in and then left.

“Colleen had phoned her mobile when the bag was missing and tried to explain that there were photographs of her babies that she wanted back.

“They just laughed. I don’t know who this girl was that left the bag back, but we are just grateful Colleen has the photographs. They are precious.”

Her mother said the teenager has been left devastated after the twins died and then her grandmother became seriously ill.

“There was no warning that there was anything wrong with the babies, though they did share a placenta,” she said.

“So when she lost the bag with the photos it was just terrible.

“She is just delighted, everything was left in the bag. She feels that there is some good in people.

“The photos really mean a lot to her.”

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