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Murder accused ‘altered his story’

A 21-year-old Belfast man has gone on trial accused of the brutal murder of father of two Francis ‘Bap’ McGreevy in March 2008.

Thomas Valliday, of no fixed abode, denies the murder of Mr McGreevy. The 51-year-old died in hospital three days after being found covered in blood in his Ross Street flat by his 15-year-old son.

Prosecuting QC Gordon Kerr told Belfast Crown Court that Valliday, known as ‘Biddy’, gave himself up to police but “dramatically” changed his account from initially claiming he had fought with Mr McGreevy outside his flat, to later finding him injured in the flat after seeing two men running from it.

The court heard that it is the prosecution case that Valliday, who not only admits fighting with Mr McGreevy, but later attacking two other men and damaging cars, intended to kill Mr McGreevy.

Mr Kerr described the attack on Mr McGreevy as “very brutal and violent attack” at a time when he was incapable because of drink taken of either defending himself or escaping.

He said the attacker had used a “rod-like weapon” which he had used to strike Mr McGreevy as he lay defenceless and that the multiple use of the weapon was a clear indication of the attacker's intention of inflicting serious injury or to kill him.

Mr Kerr claimed Valliday initially made the case he had been walking past the flat when Mr McGreevy “attacked him with a baseball bat and tried to drag him into his flat, but he resisted and pushed him to the ground in self-defence”.

The prosecutor said Valliday later said he found Mr McGreevy injured in the flat after seeing two men running from it.

The court heard a former girlfiend of Valliday's told police that she saw him outside Mr McGreevy’s flat with “blood all over the back of his right hand up to his wrist”. The case continues.

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