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Murder accused claimed she was beaten and raped by her husband, trial is told

By Claire Regan

A woman alleged to have murdered her husband accused him of beating and raping her two days before his death, Armagh Crown Court heard yesterday.

Tracey Reynolds told the court that she knew the accusations made to her by Jacqueline Crymble against her husband Paul "were untrue".

Miss Reynolds, who is engaged to Crymble's brother, yesterday recalled the events of Friday, June 18, 2004.

She said that Crymble (36) admitted to her that she had been going out with Roger Ferguson (31) for around a year at that stage. Crymble, of Edenkennedy Way in Markethill, and Ferguson, of Cabragh Road in Tandragee, are on trial accused of murdering Mr Crymble on June 20, 2004.

The father-of-two, who worked as an engineer at Shorts, was found dead lying in the back of his car that morning. He had been suffocated with a black bin bag. Crymble claims her husband was killed by a gang of masked and armed men who abducted him from their Ballybreagh Road home.

The Crown claims, however, that she and Ferguson killed him so they could set up a new life together with the proceeds of the victim's insurance.

Colin Robinson (21) of Riverside Apartments in Gilford, is also accused of the killing. All three deny the charges.

Miss Reynolds said she saw Crymble and Ferguson two days before the murder when they called to see her. They went together to another friend's house.

She said: "They looked to me to be more than friends. I picked up that there was something going on between them. I voiced this suspicion to Jacqueline. She denied it at the start but then said: 'Yes, I've been going out with him for the last year'."

Miss Reynolds said the accusations made about Mr Crymble were said as the four sat around a table having a drink. "She alleged that Paul had been beating her, making her have threesomes and had raped her," she said.

"I had known Paul for 17 years and I knew what Jacqueline was saying was untrue. He was nothing like that at all. There is no way in this world he would have done any of those things.

"I said: 'Jackie, that's not true', and there was such a disagreement and raised voices that my children came into the room to see what was going on."

The witness also said that Crymble talked that night about life insurance policies.

"Jacqueline always talked about money, that was all she ever talked about. I found all of it to be distasteful to be honest."

She recalled that on a different date before the murder, Crymble had asked her if she knew where she could get a date rape drug.

"She said she was going to a hen night and that they wanted to shave a man down below but that they didn't want him to put up a fight.

"I told her I wouldn't know where to get anything like that," she said.

The trial continues.

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