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Murder probe after body of widow found in house

A murder investigation has been launched after the body of an elderly woman was found in her home in Armagh.

Eileen Corrigan (62) was found dead by a friend at around 1pm on Monday. She had not seen since the previous Thursday.

Police initially said they were treating the death as suspicious and after further examination of the house they said a murder probe was being launched.

Mrs Corrigan was a widow who lived alone in the house on Boyds Row, Armagh. She had one daughter who lives in England and has been informed.

Speaking at the scene yesterday afternoon, DCI Debbie McMaster, who is leading the investigation, said: “We are launching a murder investigation and I am here today to appeal for anyone who may have seen Mrs Corrigan between Thursday and Monday afternoon.” She confirmed that Mrs Corrigan had been found in dead in her home.

A post mortem was due to be carried out yesterday evening to establish the exact cause of death. DCI McMaster said: “It is still very early days. Until a post mortem has been carried out I cannot give you any more details. It is a serious offense and we are looking for anyone involved to bring them to justice.”

In a further message to the community around Boyds Row she said: “I would advise everyone to be cautious about who they let into their home.”

The Sinn Fein mayor of Armagh Noel Sheridan, who was a personal friend of Mrs Corrigan, described her as a pleasant woman and somebody that people around the area would know well. He said: “Our thoughts and prayers are with the family at this time.”

Mayor Sheridan said that an incident like this would hit the community hard. He said: “The people of Armagh are shocked to learn the tragic circumstances surrounding the death of Mrs Corrigan. Anyone with information should contact the PSNI as soon as possible. I do hope this is a one off but whoever has done this is still out there and I hope the PSNI catch them as soon as possible.

“It is hard to find a reason for this. I would call on people in Armagh to be careful and vigilant.”

Mayor Sheridan said that if this was a case of something that had gone wrong, like an argument, then whoever was responsible should turn themself in to the PSNI.

I would advise everyone to be cautious about who they let into their home

The property where Mrs Corrigan was found backs onto an Ulsterbus garage to which police had access late on Monday night.

Joseph McManus, who lives on Loughgall Road on the corner of Boyds Row, said that he knew nothing about the discovery of the body until after 11pm on Monday night when police broke the locks on the Ulsterbus garage gate to gain access to the rear of the property.

Throughout the day, scenes of crime officers filed in and out of the road, yet it was not until 3pm that DCI McMaster made the announcement that a murder investigation had been launched.

Police said it was too early to say what cause Mrs Corrigan’s death and would not comment on whether there were any signs of forced entry.

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