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Murder victim shot nine times by killer

By Adrian Rutherford

Masked gunmen disguised in wigs grabbed a young father and shot him in the head during a brutal execution, an inquest heard yesterday.

Father-of-three Patrick Gerard Quinn (32) was blasted nine times after being singled out by the two gunmen as he sat drinking with friends at the Depot Bar in Magherafelt.

Yesterday a court heard that one of the shots had been fired from less than two inches.

No-one has ever been charged in connection with his death and the inquest was told the case would be reinvestigated by the Retrospective Murders Review Unit (RMRU).

The court was told that Mr Quinn had gone to the bar at Union Street shortly after 10pm on September 29 2000, where he met up with friends.

As they sat drinking, two men dressed in hooded raincoats, Halloween masks and wigs entered the bar and opened fire in Mr Quinn’s direction. One of the men then shot the victim in the head from close range.

A statement from Gerard Donnelly, who was in the Depot Bar that night, recalled how one of the men had grabbed hold of the deceased while the other fired straight at him.

He described how Colin Riddell, who had been drinking with Mr Quinn, ran after the gunmen and threw a bar stool in their direction.

Mr Riddell described how he followed the gunmen out of the bar and saw them get into a dark blue car which had been parked nearby. The car sped off and he returned to the bar where he attempted to aid his dying friend.

Mr Quinn lived at Kirk Avenue in Magherafelt but was originally from Ardboe in Co Tyrone. He had moved to the town after separating from his wife, Geralyn, about three years before he died. The couple had three young children.

Mrs Quinn recalled how her husband had seemed “his usual self” when they spoke just hours before his killing, adding that he had expressed no concerns about his personal safety.

DS Deborah Caskey from RMRU said the unit intended to carry out a review of the murder and said advances in DNA techniques in the last eight years may facilitate further progress.

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