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My Toyota experience ‘wasn’t stressful at all’

Michael Smallman (66), retired, from Ballinderry, Co Antrim is among the thousands of Toyota owners in Northern Ireland who received a recall letter.

But, as he told the Belfast Telegraph, the experience for him was not stressful at all.

“I bought my Toyota Yaris three years ago,” he said.

“Both myself and my wife drive it and I didn’t notice any problems with the car recently, it was fine.

“When I first heard about the problem with the car we found a website that I could put the chassis number in, to find out whether it was affected.

“But I felt fine enough to drive the car until it was fixed.

“I actually got contacted by Charles Hurst ahead of Toyota to say that they were trying to make headway with repairs and to come in.

“The letter from Toyota came the morning I was going to get the car repaired.

“I just drove in and it took, I think, about an hour and a quarter, an hour and a half.”

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