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New ‘list’ of BNP members in Northern Ireland is leaked online

A document on the internet apparently listing thousands of British National Party members suggests it has at least 49 members in Northern Ireland. Their names, addresses and telephone numbers are listed.

BNP leader Nick Griffin said the leak was “a malicious forgery” which named people with whom the BNP has had no contact. It follows the leaking of a BNP membership list in November 2008. That listed 39 members in Northern Ireland including a serving soldier and a former police officer.

WikiLeaks, the website that hosts the document, said: "The lists have been verified to be accurate in all cases. However, it should not be assumed that every person with a BNP membership number is a current member of the BNP."

Many of the people from Northern Ireland on the 2008 list are not on the latest one. Kieran Dinsmore, the party's organiser in Northern Ireland is on it, under the alternative name Kieran Devlin.

The list suggests most of the BNP members in Northern Ireland are concentrated in Belfast and Counties Antrim and Down.

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