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NIHE tackling climate change

By Linda McKee

The Northern Ireland Housing Executive has been named one of the most influential organisations in the Province's battle to tackle climate change.

The Energy Saving Trust said the Executive has been at the forefront of attempts to cut carbon emissions as it introduces energy saving measures while upgrading homes across Northern Ireland.

The measures range from installing cavity wall and loft insulation to installing one of the lowest carbon fuels - natural gas - where available, saving around 2.26 million tonnes of carbon dioxide every year.

Congratulating the Executive as a 'Powerful Influencer' on climate change, Noel Williams, head of the Energy Saving Trust in Northern Ireland, said: "The Housing Executive is recognised as a national exemplar in achieving CO2 reduction throughout its housing stock, and indeed in influencing the owner-occupier sector.

"The Energy Saving Trust is delighted to collaborate with the NIHE on many of its energy saving initiatives and applauds the progress it has made in bringing natural gas to so many of its properties."

Noel Rice, energy manager with the Northern Ireland Housing Executive, said that as a Home Energy Conservation Authority the Housing Executive installs measures to improve the energy efficiency of the housing stock whilst reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

"The last major House Condition Survey revealed that this work is saving 2.26 million tonnes of carbon dioxide per annum," he said.

Peter Dixon, Phoenix Natural Gas Group chief executive, said: "The NIHE has demonstrated real vision."


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