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Nolan falls for April Fool's Day prank

Shock jock Stephen Nolan was left red-faced yesterday after he fell for a " hilarious" April Fool's prank live on air.

Sinn Fein West Tyrone MLA Barry McElduff - acting in cahoots with Nolan's production team - phoned the radio show to say that the boul' Stephen had won an award for services to the people of Northern Ireland.

But just as the 34-year-old broadcaster was thanking the politician for the prize - which was to be presented at a special ceremony next week - McElduff admitted that it was a joke.

The following interchange between the Assemblyman and Nolan, which was aired yesterday morning, totally fooled the presenter, as he later admitted.

"It was discussed at the Committee that we could perhaps have an inaugural ceremony next week to mark the 2008 year that we would nominate yourself and the Nolan Show as the show that champions the rights of people," Mr McElduff said.

Nolan replied: "This would be a first, wouldn't it? Is it not you lot and me fight every day of the week? You lot are trying to compliment me for once, are you?

"That's very kind of you Barry McElduff. Thank you very much."

Mr McElduff told Nolan he had fallen for an April Fool ruse.

"April Fool, Stephen, April Fool," he said.

"I just wanted to say that to you. April Fool because we wouldn't let you over the doorstep. There'd need to be a very good reason for you to come up here."

Mr McElduff chastised Nolan, who laughed off his comments, for being duped.

"You actually believed that. Your ego is getting a wee bit carried away" , said Mr McElduff.

The radio show host said he felt "so like swearing" - adding, " I will swear straight after this programme very loudly indeed" and promised to "get him back for the prank."

"I dare say that if there was the opportunity of some kind of prison sentence you lot would be throwing me in forever, wouldn't you?"

But the Assemblyman replied: "You don't register on the significance spectrum to the degree that you think. We don't hate and love you. Sometimes you don't count."

Last night Nolan told the Belfast Telegraph that the interchange had been good-hearted in nature. He said: "It was hilarious and I have to give it to McElduff and my production team for getting me."

"I was totally confused by the joke and couldn't understand why McElduff was trying to give me an award when I'm always giving him a hard time.

"I'll get him and the Nolan team back next year."

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