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Nolan's message of Christmas jeer

By Sam McBride

Stephen Nolan has sent a defiant message of Christmas cheer to friends and foes.

The opinionated BBC Radio Ulster presenter has sent a Christmas card both to friends of his award-winning show and those he regularly locks horns with.

The card, by top Northern Ireland cartoonist Ian Knox, portrays a Nolan caricature in an oversized smoke-belching vehicle raining food packets, parking tickets and a Christmas tree on terrified parking enforcers.

Stephen told the Belfast Telegraph he had the idea of a Christmas card from the show and it had been sent to Government departments and traffic wardens.

"The card honestly reflects my lifestyle," he said. "I don't recycle but I am willing to be convinced. Recycling is important but what is more important is that we debate it honestly. There needs to be more education and next year I will be seeing around recycling facilities for the programme.

"This has been my most successful year ever, with the show becoming the biggest news programme in the country but my goal is to engage more people with the news by making it exciting," he added.

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