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Norn Iron sat nav? It's just a wind-up

Radio DJs come clean as gag fools listeners

<p>CityBeat's Jon Joe system on a dashboard</p>
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    CityBeat's Jon Joe system on a dashboard


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    CityBeat's Jon Joe system on a dashboard


    By Tina Calder

    Citybeat Radio pranksters Mark Lima and Dave McGeagh finally came clean yesterday following a week-long on-air wind-up. Mark and Dave, presenters of the station's Bigger Breakfast show, decided to have a laugh with their listeners by promoting a fictional Satellite Navigation System called 'The Jon Joe'.

    The wacky pair convinced listeners that Professor Colin Templeton had invented a regionalised Sat Nav system that took giving local directions to a whole new level.

    Mark and Dave even managed to conduct an on-air interview with the professor, played by CityBeat's commercial production manager Keith Law, who claimed the Jon Joe was in some cases 450% more effective than its market rivals.

    Even more amazingly, the Jon Joe was claiming to be able to predict when farmers were hard at work in the country, and therefore capable of diverting vehicles so that they wouldn't get stuck behind a tractor.

    And many CityBeat listeners still didn't realise the mischievous pair were pulling their legs.

    The switchboard immediately lit up and there were hundreds of inquiries about the Jon Joe, said Mark Lima, co-presenter with Dave.

    "By the time the show ended that morning we knew we had unleashed a beast," he said.

    But finally Mark and Dave revealed that there was no such place as the " Ballylimaskiddyvallaghannamuck turn-off" and indeed, no Jon Joe Sat Nav either.

    Mark said: "It was great fun while it lasted but let's just say it's now time to point the listeners in the right direction".

    Station programme controller Bill Young added: "We thought that the sound of the chickens clucking in the background, along with the strong farmer accent might have given the game away, but when we looked at, a site set up specifically for the spoof, we found it had received several thousand hits.

    "Even on the last day of the joke, we've had calls from garages and motor accessory shops asking us what exactly the Jon Joe is because they've had so many enquiries from their customers who kept saying they'd heard about it on the CityBeat breakfast show."

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