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Naomi Long presents 'vision for all' at Alliance Party manifesto launch

Alliance leader Naomi Long described her party's manifesto as a "vision for all the people of Northern Ireland".

The party is fielding 21 candidates in the March 2 vote.

Mrs Long, who is standing for East Belfast, launched the party's manifesto - 'How to Change Northern Ireland for Good' - at an event at the Park Avenue Hotel on Tuesday.

She said the manifesto showcased the need for change and to make politics work better.

"This manifesto highlights Alliance's desire for good Government, good relations, good prospects, good services and good leadership, steps which we believe need to happen to help move Northern Ireland forward," she said.

"There is evidence of a change in mood for many people. The public are sick and tired of corruption, cronyism and incompetence, and want the reforms necessary to create a health service that delivers, an education service that works and an economy that benefits everyone.

"But a vote for Alliance is not simply a protest vote. As this manifesto shows, instead it is a vote for a party offering something positive, with a proven track record of leadership. For a party who has shown competence for Government, diligence in opposition and with a vision for all in Northern Ireland, not just some.

"This is the chance to change things and change them for good. If people take the opportunity, they can make a difference."


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