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Northern Ireland Assembly Election 2016: Candidates


108 seats are up for grabs

108 seats are up for grabs

108 seats are up for grabs

Two hundred and seventy six candidates will battle it out across 18 constituencies for 108 Assembly seats on the May 5.

They are:


Andy Allen, UUP

Ross Brown, Green Party

Joanne Bunting, DUP

Amy Doherty, SDLP

Sammy Douglas, DUP

Andrew Girvin, TUV

Erskine Holmes, Northern Ireland Labour Representation Committee

Maggie Hutton, Independent

John Kyle, Progressive Unionist Party

Jonny Lavery, UKIP

Naomi Long, Alliance Party

Chris Lyttle, Alliance Party

Chris McGimpsey, UUP

Tim Morrow, Alliance Party

Robin Newton, DUP

Niall O Donnghaile, Sinn Fein

Courtney Robinson, Cross-Community Labour Alternative

Neil Wilson, Conservative


Ken Boyle, UKIP

Paula Bradley, DUP

Tom Burns, Independent

Lesley Carroll, UUP

Geoff Dowey, Northern Ireland First

Fiona Ferguson, People Before Profit Alliance

Fra Hughes, Independent

William Humphrey, DUP

Billy Hutchinson, PUP

Gerry Kelly, Sinn Fein

Nichola Mallon, SDLP

Nuala McAllister, Alliance

Nelson McCausland, DUP

John Miller, TUV

Caral Ni Chuilin, Sinn Fein

Malachai O'Hara, Green Party

Abdo Thabeth, Northern Ireland Labour Representation Committee

Gemma Weir, Workers Party


Brigitte Anton, Northern Ireland Labour Representation Committee

Clare Bailey, Green Party

Paula Bradshaw, Alliance Party

Sean Burns, Cross-Community Labour Alternative

Billy Dickson, South Belfast Unionists

Claire Hanna, SDLP

John Hiddleston, TUV

Lily Kerr, Workers Party

Emma Little-Pengelly, DUP

Ben Manton, Conservative

Rodney McCune, UUP

Fearghal McKinney, SDLP

Duncan Morrow, Alliance Party

Mairtin O Muilleoir, Sinn Fein

Ruth Patterson, Independent

Ian Shanks, PUP

Christopher Stalford, DUP

Bob Stoker, UKIP


Alex Attwood, SDLP

Conor Campbell, Workers Party

Gerry Carroll, People Before Profit Alliance

Jemima Higgins, Alliance Party

Gareth Martin, UUP,

Alex Maskey, Sinn Fein

Fra McCann, Sinn Fein

Jennifer McCann, Sinn Fein

Rosie McCorley, Sinn Fein

Frank McCoubrey, DUP

Ellen Murray, Green Party

Pat Sheehan, Sinn Fein


Roy Beggs, UUP

Stewart Dickson, Alliance

Danny Donnelly, Alliance

David Hilditch, DUP

Noel Jordan, UKIP

Gordon Lyons, DUP

Jim McCaw, PUP

Margaret McKillop, SDLP

Oliver McMullan, Sinn Fein

Maureen Morrow, UUP

Dawn Patterson, Green Party

Alastair Ross, DUP

Conor Sheridan, Cross-Community Labour Alternative

John Stewart, UUP

Ruth Wilson, TUV


Caoimhe Archibald, Sinn Fein

Jordan Armstrong, TUV

Yvonne Boyle, Alliance Party

Maurice Bradley, DUP

Aaron Callan, UUP

Stuart Canning, Conservative

Tor Christie, Independent

Amber Hamill, Green Party

David Harding, Conservative

William McCandless, UUP

Adrian McQuillan, DUP

Gerry Mullan, SDLP

Cathal ohOisin, Sinn Fein

Steven Parkhill, UKIP

George Robinson, DUP

Claire Sugden, Independent

Russell Watton, PUP


Rosemary Barton, UUP

Kerri Blyberg, Alliance Party

Donald Crawford, TUV

John Feely, Sinn Fein

Phil Flanagan, Sinn Fein

Arlene Foster, DUP

Michelle Gildernew, Sinn Fein

Damien Harris, Northern Ireland  Labour Representation Committee

Tanya Jones, Green Party

Sean Lynch, Sinn Fein

Richie McPhilips, SDLP

Maurice Morrow, DUP

Alastair Patterson, UUP


Kathleen Bradley, Independent

Maurice Devenney, Independent

Gerard Diver, SDLP

Alan Dunlop, Conservative

Mark Durkan, SDLP

Colum Eastwood, SDLP

Mary Hassan, Green Party

Julia Kee, UUP

John Lindsay, Cannabis Is Safer Than Alcohol

Eamonn McCann, People Before Profit Alliance

Raymond McCartney, Sinn Fein

Chris McCaw, Alliance Party

Anne McCloskey, Independent

Martin McGuinness, Sinn Fein

Maeve McLaughlin, Sinn Fein

Gary Middleton, DUP


Dan Barrios-O'Neill, Green Party

Robbie Butler, UUP

Pat Catney, SDLP

Jonathan Craig, DUP

Peter Dynes, Northern Ireland  Labour Representation Committee

Paul Givan, DUP

Brenda Hale, DUP

Brian Higginson, UKIP

Jack Irwin, Conservative

Trevor Lunn, Alliance Party

Frazer McCammond, Democracy First

Jacqui McGeough, Sinn Fein

Jonny Orr, Independent

Jenny Palmer, UUP

Edwin Poots, DUP

Lyle Rea, TUV


Keith Buchanan, DUP

Alan Day, UKIP

Linda Dillon, Sinn Fein

Neidin Hendron, Alliance Party

Hannah Loughrin, TUV

Ian McCrea, DUP

Patsy McGlone, SDLP

Ian Milne, Sinn Fein

Michelle O'Neill, Sinn Fein

Sandra Overend, UUP

Hugh Scullion, Workers Party

Stefan Taylor, Green Party


Paul Berry, Independent

Cathal Boylan, Sinn Fein

Emmet Crossan, Cannabis Is Safer Than Alcohol

Megan Fearon, Sinn Fein

William Irwin, DUP

Danny Kennedy, UUP

Alan Love, UKIP

Martin McAllister, Independent

Karen McKevitt, SDLP

Justin McNulty, SDLP

Conor Murphy, Sinn Fein

Sam Nicholson, UUP

Michael Watters, Green Party

Craig Weir, Alliance Party


Jim Allister, TUV

Donna Anderson, UKIP

Jennifer Breslin, Green Party

Connor Duncan, SDLP

Paul Frew, DUP

Timothy Gaston, TUV

Kathryn Johnston, Northern Ireland  Labour Representation Committee

Phillip Logan, DUP

Stephen McFarland, Alliance Party

David McIlveen, DUP

Daithi McKay, Sinn Fein

James Simpson, Conservative

Mervyn Storey, DUP

Robin Swann, UUP

Andrew Wright, UUP


Steven Agnew, Green Party

John Brennan, TUV

Conal Browne, SDLP

Alan Chambers, UUP

Gordon Dunne, DUP

Alex Easton, DUP

Chris Eisenstadt, UUP

Stephen Farry, Alliance Party

Maria Lourenco, Northern Ireland  Labour Representation Committee

Therese McCartney, Sinn Fein

Carl McClean, UUP

Andrew Muir, Alliance Party

Bill Piper, UKIP

Frank Shivers, Conservative

Peter Weir, DUP

Brian Wilson, Independent


Steve Aiken, UUP

Richard Cairns, TUV

Pam Cameron, DUP

Trevor Clarke, DUP

Adrian Cochrane-Wilson, UUP

Helen Farley, Green Party

David Ford, Alliance Party

Paul Girvan, DUP

Robert Hill, UKIP

Declan Kearney, Sinn Fein

Roisin Lynch, SDLP

David McMaster, Independent

Paul Michael, UUP

Mark Young, Conservative


Sinead Bradley, SDLP

Patrick Brown, Alliance Party

Michael Gray-Sloan, Sinn Fein

John Hardy, Green Party

Chris Hazzard, Sinn Fein

John McCallister, Independent

Colin McGrath, SDLP

Harold McKee, UUP

Henry Reilly, TUV

Sean Rogers, SDLP

Catriona Ruane, Sinn Fein

Jim Wells, DUP


Kellie Armstrong, Alliance Party

Jonathan Bell, DUP

Joe Boyle, SDLP

Stephen Cooper, TUV

Stephen Crosby, UKIP

Georgia Grainger, Green Party

Simon Hamilton, DUP

Harry Harvey, DUP

Dermot Kennedy, Sinn Fein

Rab McCartney, Independent

Michelle McIlveen, DUP

Bill McKendry, Conservative

Jimmy Menagh, Independent

Mike Nesbitt, UUP

Philip Smith, UUP


Sydney Anderson, DUP

Doug Beattie, UUP

Jo-Anne Dobson, UUP

Roy Ferguson, TUV

Harry Hamilton, Alliance Party

Emma Hutchinson, Northern Ireland  Labour Representation Committee

David Jones, UKIP

Dolores Kelly, SDLP

Martin Kelly, Cannabis Is Safer Than Alcohol

Simon Lee, Green Party

Carla Lockhart, DUP

Sophie Long, PUP

Stephen McCarroll, Independent

Ian Nickels, Conservative

John O'Dowd, Sinn Fein

Kyle Savage, UUP

Catherine Seeley, Sinn Fein


Michaela Boyle, Sinn Fein

Allan Bresland, DUP

Barry Brown, Cannabis Is Safer Than Alcohol

Thomas Buchanan, DUP

Josephine Deehan, Independent

Stephen Donnelly, Alliance Party

Corey French, Independent

Ross Hussey, UUP

Patsy Kelly, Independent

Roger Lomas, Conservative

Declan McAleer, Sinn Fein

Laura McAnea, Animal Welfare Party

Sorcha McAnespy, Independent

Ciaran McClean, Green Party

Daniel McCrossan, SDLP

Grace McDermott, Sinn Fein

Barry McElduff, Sinn Fein

Susan-Anne White, Independent

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