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Northern Ireland Assembly election 2017: 228 candidates to contest Stormont poll

Scroll down for nominations for each constituency

Volunteers empty a ballot box in the counting centre at the Titanic Exhibition Centre, Belfast for the March 2017 vote.
Volunteers empty a ballot box in the counting centre at the Titanic Exhibition Centre, Belfast for the March 2017 vote.

There will be 228 candidates contesting the March 2 Assembly election.

And 68 of the would-be MLAs are women — just over 30%.

That marks a rise of 2.5% female candidates since voters last went to the polls just nine months ago.

The number of candidates is down from 276 at last May’s election — but so are the number of seats being contested.

Last year, there were 108 seats up for grabs across 18 constituencies, but this year there are 90.

All the main Stormont parties are reducing the number of candidates they are running.

The largest party, the DUP is running 38 — six fewer than last year.

Its former Executive partner, Sinn Féin, drops five — from 39 to 34.

The UUP will have 24 candidates — two fewer than in 2016 — while the SDLP will be down three, on 21.

Alliance will also be running 21 Assembly hopefuls — down two.

The Greens will be running 18 candidates, while the Conservatives have 13.

CISTA (Cannabis Is Safer Than Tobacco) have three candidates; Labour Alternative have four, the PUP has three; People Before Profit have seven; the TUV has 14, Ukip has one, the Workers Party have five and there are 22 Independents.

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Northern Ireland Assembly election: Questions and answers

Q. Will the election be like other Assembly polls?

A. Sort of. The campaign will be of similar length to past elections. What resources the parties will be able to throw at it is another matter. One crucial difference is the electorate is returning 90 MLAs this time round, not 108. The reduction of the Assembly was due to be implemented at the next scheduled election - in 2021 - but recent events have fast-tracked that reform timetable.

Q. What if the DUP and Sinn Fein are returned as the largest parties?

A. Barring a seismic redrawing of the electoral landscape, the pre-eminent parties of unionism and nationalism should retain their right to lead a power-sharing government. Whether they will take part in such an administration is another matter entirely. A bitter election campaign will do little to resolve the myriad disputes between the DUP and Sinn Fein.

Q. How long have they got to sort it?

A. After the election, the new Assembly needs to meet within one week. A new executive needs to be in place a further two weeks on from that. If the leading parties decline to nominate first and deputy first ministers within that time-frame, legislation dictates that Mr Brokenshire calls yet another election.

Q. Another election. Are you serious?

A. While the law as it stands requires another poll, it is debatable whether the UK Government would opt for a step that would surely test the electorate's patience to breaking point. In those circumstances, it is likely devolution would be suspended and Northern Ireland would return to direct rule by Westminster.

Q. Would suspending the institutions be straightforward for the Government?

A. Not really. The Secretary of State used to have powers to suspend the institutions - a step that was not uncommon during the early years of the peace process. Those powers were removed under the terms of the 2006 St Andrews Agreement. The Government would then need to pass emergency legislation at Westminster.

Q. If there was a suspension, what would happen then?

A. A return to direct rule would provide some breathing space for a more substantive talks process to address the issues of contention. How long it would take to strike yet another deal is anyone's guess.

Assembly election 2017 nominations in full

The candidates put forward for each constituency are listed in below. Candidates have 24 hours to withdraw.

Stewart Dickson (Alliance)

Danny Donnelly (Alliance)

David Hilditch (DUP)

Gordon Lyons (DUP)

Stephen Ross (DUP)

Dawn Patterson (Green)

Margaret Anne McKillop (SDLP)

Oliver McMullan (SF)

Roy Beggs (UUP)

John Stewart (UUP)

Alan Dunlop (C)

Conor Sheridan (Lab Alt)

Ruth Wilson (TUV)

Noel Jordan (UKIP)

Ricky Best (Ind)  

Patricia O'Lynn (Alliance)

Paul Frew (DUP)

Phillip Logan (DUP)

Mervyn Storey (DUP)

Mark Bailey (Green)

Connor Duncan (SDLP)

Philip McGuigan (SF)

Robin Swann (UUP)

Jim Allister (TUV)

Timothy Gaston (TUV)

Monica Digney (Ind)

Adam McBride (Ind)

David Ford (Alliance)

Pam Cameron (DUP)

Trevor Clarke (DUP)

Paul Girvan (DUP)

Eleanor Bailey (Green)

Roisin Lynch (SDLP)

Declan Kearney (SF)

Steve Aiken (UUP)

Adrian Cochrane-Watson (UUP)

Mark Logan (C)

Ivanka Antova (People)

Richard Cairns (TUV)

David McMaster (Ind)  

Naomi Long (Alliance)

Chris Lyttle (Alliance)

Joanne Bunting (DUP)

David Douglas (DUP)

Robin Newton (DUP)

Georgina Milne (Green)

Seamas de Faoite (SDLP)

Mairead O'Donnell (SF)

Andy Allen (UUP)

Sheila Bodel (C)

Courtney Robinson (Lab Alt)

John Kyle (PUP)

Andrew Girvin (TUV)

Jordy McKeag (Ind)

Nuala McAllister (Alliance)

Paula Bradley (DUP)

William Humphrey (DUP)

Nelson McCausland (DUP)

Malachai O'Hara (Green)

Nichola Mallon (SDLP)

Gerry Kelly (SF)

Caral Ni Chuilin (SF)

Robert Foster (UUP)

Julie-Anne Corr-Johnston (PUP)

Fiona Ferguson (People)

Gemma Weir (WP)

Adam Millar (Ind)   

Paula Bradshaw (Alliance)

Emmet McDonough-Brown (Alliance)

Emma Little Pengelly (DUP)

Christopher Stalford (DUP)

Clare Bailey (Green)

Naomh Gallagher (SDLP)

Claire Hanna (SDLP)

Mairtin O Muilleoir (SF)

Michael Henderson (UUP)

George Jabbour (C)

Sean Burns (Lab Alt)

Padraigin Mervyn (People)

John Hiddleston (TUV)

Lily Kerr (WP)  

Sorcha Eastwood (Alliance)

Frank McCoubrey (DUP)

Ellen Murray (Green)

Alex Attwood (SDLP)

Orlaithi Flynn (SF)

Alex Maskey (SF)

Fra McCann (SF)

Pat Sheehan (SF)

Fred Rodgers (UUP)

Gerry Carroll (People)

Michael Collins (People)

Conor Campbell (WP)  

Stephen Farry (Alliance)

Gordon Dunne (DUP)

Alex Easton (DUP)

Steven Agnew (Green)

Caoimhe McNeill (SDLP)

Kieran Maxwell (SF)

Alan Chambers (UUP)

William Cudworth (UUP)

Frank Shivers (C)

Melanie Kennedy (Ind)

Chris Carter (Ind)

Gavan Reynolds (Ind)   

Patrick Brown (Alliance)

Jim Wells (DUP)

Hannah George (Green)

Sinead Bradley (SDLP)

Colin McGrath (SDLP)

Sinead Ennis (SF)

Chris Hazzard (SF)

Harold McKee (UUP)

Gary Hynds (C)

Lyle Rea (TUV)

Patrick Clarke (Ind) 

Noreen Campbell (Alliance)

Arlene Foster (DUP)

Lord Maurice Morrow (DUP)

Tanya Jones (Green)

Richie McPhillips (SDLP)

Jemma Dolan (SF)

Michelle Gildernew (SF)

Sean Lynch (SF)

Rosemary Barton (UUP)

Richard Dunn (C)

Donal O'Cofaigh (Lab Alt)

Alex Elliott (TUV)    

Colm Cavanagh (Alliance)

Gary Middleton (DUP)

Shannon Downey (Green)

Mark H Durkan (SDLP)

Colum Eastwood (SDLP)

Elisha McCallion (SF)

Raymond McCartney (SF)

Julia Kee (UUP)

Stuart Canning (C)

John Lindsay (CISTA)

Eamonn McCann (People)

Arthur McGuinness (Ind)    

Trevor Lunn (Alliance)

Paul Givan (DUP)

Brenda Hale (DUP)

Edwin Poots (DUP)

Dan Barrios-O'Neill (Green)

Pat Catney (SDLP)

Peter Doran (SF)

Robbie Butler (UUP)

Jenny Palmer (UUP)

Matt Robinson (C)

Samuel Morrison (TUV)

Jonny Orr (Ind)

Keith Gray (Ind)    

Chris McCaw (Alliance)

Maurice Bradley (DUP)

Adrian McQuillan (DUP)

George Robinson (DUP)

Anthony Flynn (Green)

John Dallat (SDLP)

Caoimhe Archibald (SF)

Cathal ohOisin (SF)

William McCandless (UUP)

David Harding (C)

Russell Watton (PUP)

Gavin Campbell (People)

Jordan Armstrong (TUV)

Claire Sugden (Ind)

Gerry Mullan (Ind)   

Jackie Coade (Alliance)

William Irwin (DUP)

Rowan Tunnicliffe (Green)

Justin McNulty (SDLP)

Cathal Boylan (SF)

Megan Fearon (SF)

Conor Murphy (SF)

Danny Kennedy (UUP)

Emmet Crossan (CISTA)

Electorate 81,756

Kellie Armstrong (Alliance)

Simon Hamilton (DUP)

Michelle McIlveen (DUP)

Peter Weir (DUP)

Ricky Bamford (Green)

Joe Boyle (SDLP)

Dermot Kennedy (SF)

Mike Nesbitt (UUP)

Philip Smith (UUP)

Scott Benton (C)

Stephen Cooper (TUV)

Jonathan Bell (Ind)

Jimmy Menagh (Ind)    

Stephen Donnelly (Alliance)

Thomas Buchanan (DUP)

Ciaran McClean (Green)

Daniel McCrossan (SDLP)

Michaela Boyle (SF)

Declan McAleer (SF)

Barry McElduff (SF)

Alicia Clarke (UUP)

Roger Lomas (C)

Barry Brown (CISTA)

Charlie Chittick (TUV)

Roisin McMackin (Ind)

Corey French (Ind)

Susan-Anne White (Ind)

Sorcha McAnespy (Ind)   

Fay Watson (Alliance)

Keith Buchanan (DUP)

Stefan Taylor (Green)

Patsy McGlone (SDLP)

Linda Dillon (SF)

Ian Milne (SF)

Michelle O'Neill (SF)

Sandra Overend (UUP)

Hannah Loughrin (TUV)

Hugh Scullion (WP)

Hugh McCloy (Ind)    

Tara Doyle (Alliance)

Jonathan Glen Buckley (DUP)

Carla Lockhart (DUP)

Simon Lee (Green)

Dolores Kelly (SDLP)

John O'Dowd (SF)

Nuala Toman (SF)

Doug Beattie (UUP)

Jo-Anne Dobson (UUP)

Ian Nickels (C)

Roy Ferguson (TUV)

Colin Craig (WP)

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