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Northern Ireland election 2016: Who are all the 108 Assembly members elected?

Scroll down for assembly members listed by party

The Northern Ireland Assembly Chamber
The Northern Ireland Assembly Chamber
Belfast East
Belfast East: Andy Allen UUP
Belfast East: Joanne Bunting, DUP
Belfast East: Sammy Douglas, DUP
Belfast East: Naomi Long, Alliance
Belfast East: Chris Lyttle, Alliance
Belfast East: Robin Newton, DUP
Belfast North
Belfast North: Paula Bradley, DUP
Belfast North: Gerry Kelly, Sinn Fein
Belfast North: William Humphrey, DUP
Belfast North: Nichola Mallon, SDLP
Belfast North: Nelson McCausland, DUP
Belfast North: Caral Ni Chuilin, Sinn Fein
Belfast South
Belfast South: Clare Bailey, Green Party
Belfast South: Paula Bradshaw, Alliance
Belfast South: Claire Hanna, SDLP
Belfast South: Emma Little Pengelly, DUP
Sinn Fein MLA Mairtin O Muilleoir
Belfast South: Christopher Stalford, DUP
Belfast West
Belfast West: Alex Attwood, SDLP
Belfast West: Gerry Carroll, People Before Profit
Belfast West: Alex Maskey, Sinn Fein
Belfast West: Fra McCann, Sinn Fein
Belfast West: Jennifer McCann, Sinn Fein
Belfast West: Pat Sheehan, Sinn Fein
East Antrim
East Antrim: Roy Beggs, UUP
East Antrim: Stewart Clyde Dickson, Alliance
East Antrim: David Hilditch, DUP
East Antrim: Noel Jordan, DUP
East Antrim: Oliver McMullan, Sinn Fein
East Antrim: Alastair Ross, DUP
East Londonderry
East Londonderry: Caomihe Archibald, Sinn Fein
East Londonderry: Maurice Bradley, DUP
East Londonderry: Adrian McQuillan, DUP
East Londonderry: Gerry Mullan, SDLP
East Londonderry: George Robinson, DUP
East Londonderry: Claire Sugden, Independent
Fermanagh and South Tyrone
Fermanagh and South Tyrone: Rosemary Barton, UUP
Fermanagh and South Tyrone: Arlene Foster, DUP
Fermanagh and South Tyrone: Michelle Gildernew, Sinn Fein
Fermanagh and South Tyrone: Sean Lynch, Sinn Fein
Fermanagh and South Tyrone: Richie McPhillips, SDLP
Fermanagh and South Tyrone: Maurice Morrow, DUP
Foyle: Mark H Durkan, SDLP
Foyle: Colum Eastwood, SDLP
Foyle: Eamonn McCann, People Before Profit
Foyle: Raymond McCartney, Sinn Fein
Foyle: Martin McGuinness, Sinn Fein
Foyle: Gary Middleton, DUP
Lagan Valley
Lagan Valley: Robbie Butler, UUP
Lagan Valley: Paul Given, DUP
Lagan Valley: Brenda Hale, DUP
Lagan Valley: Trevor Lunn, Alliance
Lagan Valley: Jenny Palmer, Ulster Unionist Party
Lagan Valley: Edwin Poots, DUP
Mid Ulster
Mid Ulster: Keith Alexander Buchanan, DUP
Mid Ulster: Linda Dillon, Sinn Fein
Mid Ulster: Patsy McGlone, SDLP
Mid Ulster: Ian Milne, Sinn Fein
Mid Ulster: Michelle O'Neill, Sinn Fein
Mid Ulster: Sandra Overend, UUP
Newry and Armagh
Newry and Armagh: Cathal Damian Boylan, Sinn Fein
Newry and Armagh: Megan Fearon, Sinn Fein
Newry and Armagh: William George Irwin, DUP
Newry and Armagh: Danny Kennedy, UUP
Newry and Armagh: Justin McNulty, SDLP
Newry and Armagh: Conor Murphy, Sinn Fein
North Antrim
North Antrim: Jim Allister, TUV
North Antrim: Paul Frew, DUP
North Antrim: Philip Logan, DUP
North Antrim: Daithi Gerard McKay, Sinn Fein
North Antrim: Mervyn Storey, DUP
North Antrim: Robin Swann, UUP
North Down
North Down: Steven Agnew, Green Party
North Down: Alan Chambers, UUP
North Down: Gordon Mervyn Dunne, DUP
North Down: Alex Easton, DUP
North Down: Stephen Farry, Alliance
North Down: Peter James Weir, DUP
South Antrim
South Antrim: Steve Aiken, UUP
South Antrim: Pam Cameron, DUP
South Antrim: Trevor Clarke, DUP
South Antrim: David RJ Ford, Alliance
South Antrim: Paul Girvan, DUP
South Antrim: Declan Kearney, Sinn Fein
South Down
South Down: Sinead Bradley, SDLP
South Down: Chris Hazzard, Sinn Fein
South Down: Colin McGrath, SDLP
South Down: Harold McKee, UUP
South Down: Caitriona Ruane, Sinn Fein
South Down: Jim Wells, DUP
Strangford: Kellie Armstrong, Alliance
Strangford: Jonathan Bell, DUP
Strangford: Simon Hamilton, DUP
Strangford: Michelle McIlveen, DUP
Strangford: Mike Nesbitt, UUP
Strangford: Philip Smith, UUP
Upper Bann
Upper Bann: Sydney Alexander Anderson, DUP
Upper Bann: Doug Beattie, UUP
Upper Bann: Jo-Anne Dobson, UUP
Carla Lockhart DUP
Upper Bann: John O'Dowd, Sinn Fein
Upper Bann: Catherine Seeley, Sinn Fein
West Tyrone
West Tyrone: Michaela Boyle, Sinn Fein
West Tyrone: Thomas Buchanan, DUP
West Tyrone: Ross Hussey, UUP
West Tyrone: Declan McAleer, Sinn Fein
West Tyrone: Daniel McCrossan, SDLP
West Tyrone: Barry McElduff, Sinn Fein

After two long days of counting, finally we have all 108 MLAs elected.

Scroll down to see who your MLA is:



Roy Beggs - UUP

David Hilditch - DUP

Gordon Lyons - DUP

Stewart Dickson - Alliance

Alastair Ross - DUP

Oliver McMullan - SF



Jim Allister - TUV

Election turnouts have been steadily dropping in Northern Ireland from the 70% figure in 1998 through 63% in 2003, 62% in 2007 and just 54% at the last election in 2011.

Paul Frew - DUP

Mervyn Storey - DUP

Phillip Logan - DUP

Robin Swann - UUP

Daithi McKay - SF



Steve Aiken - UUP

Pam Cameron - DUP

Trevor Clarke - DUP

David Ford - Alliance

Paul Girvan - DUP

Declan Kearney - SF



Andy Allen - UUP

Joanne Bunting - DUP

Sammy Douglas - DUP

Naomi Long - Alliance

Chris Lyttle - Alliance

Robin Newton - DUP



Paula Bradley - DUP

William Humphrey - DUP

Gerry Kelly - SF

Nichola Mallon - SDLP

Nelson McCausland - DUP

Caral Ni Chuilin - SF



Clare Bailey - Green

Paula Bradshaw - Alliance

Claire Hanna - SDLP

Emma Little Pengelly - DUP

Mairtin O Muilleoir - SF

Christopher Stalford - DUP

DUP up 1, Green up 1, SDLP down 1, UUP down 1



Alex Attwood - SDLP

Gerry Carroll - People Before Profit

Alex Maskey - SF

Fra McCann - SF

Jennifer McCann - SF

Pat Sheehan - SF

SF down 1, People up 1



Gordon Dunne - DUP

Alex Easton - DUP

Steven Agnew - Greens

Alan Chambers - UUP

Peter Weir - DUP

Stephen Farry - Alliance



Sinead Bradley - SDLP

Chris Hazzard - SF

Colin McGrath - SDLP

Harold McKee - UUP

Caitriona Ruane - SF

Jim Wells - DUP

UUP up 1, Ind down 1



Arlene Foster - DUP

Michelle Gildernew - SF

Lord Maurice Morrow - DUP

Rosemary Barton - UUP

Richie McPhillips - SDLP

Sean Lynch - SF



Mark H Durkan - SDLP

Colum Eastwood - SDLP

Eamonn McCann - People Before Profit

Raymond McCartney - SF

Martin McGuinness - SF

Gary Middleton - DUP

SDLP down 1, People up 1



Robbie Butler - UUP

Paul Givan - DUP

Brenda Hale - DUP

Trevor Lunn - Alliance

Jenny Palmer - UUP

Edwin Poots - DUP

DUP down 1, UUP up 2, NI21 down 1



Maurice Bradley - DUP

George Robinson - DUP

Claire Sugden - Independent

Adrian McQuillan - DUP

Gerry Mullan - SDLP

Caoimhe Archibald - SF



Cathal Boylan - SF

Megan Fearon - SF

William Irwin - DUP

Danny Kennedy - UUP

Justin McNulty - SDLP

Conor Murphy - SF



Kellie Armstrong - Alliance

Jonathan Bell - DUP

Simon Hamilton - DUP

Michelle McIlveen - DUP

Mike Nesbitt - UUP

Philip Smith - UUP

UUP up 1, UKIP down 1



Keith Buchanan - DUP

Linda Dillon - SF

Patsy McGlone - SDLP

Ian Milne - SF

Michelle O'Neill - SF

Sandra Overend - UUP



Sydney Anderson - DUP

Carla Lockhart - DUP

Jo-Anne Dobson - UUP

Catherine Seeley - SF

John O'Dowd - SF

Doug Beattie - UUP



Daniel McCrossan - SDLP

Tom Buchanan - DUP

Ross Hussey - UUP

Barry McElduff - SF

Declan McAleer - SF

Michaela Boyle - SF

Assembly members listed by party


Kellie Armstrong - Strangford

Paula Bradshaw - Belfast South

Stewart Dickson - Antrim East

Stephen Farry - Down North

David Ford - Antrim South

Naomi Long - Belfast East

Trevor Lunn - Lagan Valley

Chris Lyttle - Belfast East

Number of assembly members: 8


Sydney Anderson - Upper Bann

Jonathan Bell - Strangford

Maurice Bradley - Londonderry East

Paula Bradley - Belfast North

Keith Buchanan - Ulster Mid

Tom Buchanan - Tyrone West

Joanne Bunting - Belfast East

Pam Cameron - Antrim South

Trevor Clarke - Antrim South

Sammy Douglas - Belfast East

Gordon Dunne - Down North

Alex Easton - Down North

Arlene Foster - Fermanagh & South Tyrone

Paul Frew - Antrim North

Paul Girvan - Antrim South

Paul Givan - Lagan Valley

Brenda Hale - Lagan Valley

Simon Hamilton - Strangford

David Hilditch - Antrim East

William Humphrey - Belfast North

William Irwin - Newry & Armagh

Emma Little Pengelly - Belfast South

Carla Lockhart - Upper Bann

Phillip Logan - Antrim North

Gordon Lyons - Antrim East

Nelson McCausland - Belfast North

Michelle McIlveen - Strangford

Adrian McQuillan - Londonderry East

Gary Middleton - Foyle

Lord Maurice Morrow - Fermanagh & South Tyrone

Robin Newton - Belfast East

Edwin Poots - Lagan Valley

George Robinson - Londonderry East

Alastair Ross - Antrim East

Christopher Stalford - Belfast South

Mervyn Storey - Antrim North

Peter Weir - Down North

Jim Wells - Down South

Number of assembly members: 38


Steven Agnew - Down North

Clare Bailey - Belfast South

Number of assembly members: 2


Alex Attwood - Belfast West

Sinead Bradley - Down South

Mark H Durkan - Foyle

Colum Eastwood - Foyle

Claire Hanna - Belfast South

Nichola Mallon - Belfast North

Daniel McCrossan - Tyrone West

Patsy McGlone - Ulster Mid

Colin McGrath - Down South

Justin McNulty - Newry & Armagh

Richie McPhillips - Fermanagh & South Tyrone

Gerry Mullan - Londonderry East

Number of assembly members: 12


Caoimhe Archibald - Londonderry East

Cathal Boylan - Newry & Armagh

Michaela Boyle - Tyrone West

Linda Dillon - Ulster Mid

Megan Fearon - Newry & Armagh

Michelle Gildernew - Fermanagh & South Tyrone

Chris Hazzard - Down South

Declan Kearney - Antrim South

Gerry Kelly - Belfast North

Sean Lynch - Fermanagh & South Tyrone

Alex Maskey - Belfast West

Declan McAleer - Tyrone West

Fra McCann - Belfast West

Jennifer McCann - Belfast West

Raymond McCartney - Foyle

Barry McElduff - Tyrone West

Martin McGuinness - Foyle

Daithi McKay - Antrim North

Oliver McMullan - Antrim East

Ian Milne - Ulster Mid

Conor Murphy - Newry & Armagh

Caral Ni Chuilin - Belfast North

Mairtin O Muilleoir - Belfast South

John O'Dowd - Upper Bann

Michelle O'Neill - Ulster Mid

Caitriona Ruane - Down South

Catherine Seeley - Upper Bann

Pat Sheehan - Belfast West

Number of assembly members: 28


Steve Aiken - Antrim South

Andy Allen - Belfast East

Rosemary Barton - Fermanagh & South Tyrone

Doug Beattie - Upper Bann

Roy Beggs - Antrim East

Robbie Butler - Lagan Valley

Alan Chambers - Down North

Jo-Anne Dobson - Upper Bann

Ross Hussey - Tyrone West

Danny Kennedy - Newry & Armagh

Harold McKee - Down South

Mike Nesbitt - Strangford

Sandra Overend - Ulster Mid

Jenny Palmer - Lagan Valley

Philip Smith - Strangford

Robin Swann - Antrim North

Number of assembly members: 16


Claire Sugden - Londonderry East

Number of assembly members: 1


Gerry Carroll - Belfast West

Eamonn McCann - Foyle

Number of assembly members: 2


Jim Allister - Antrim North

Number of assembly members: 1

Total number of assembly members: 108

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