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UUP's pyjama man ad sparked call to police

By David Young, PA

The filming of a much-talked about party election broadcast with a disorientated man in his pyjamas drew the attention of concerned police.

It has emerged that officers called at the Ulster Unionist headquarters in Belfast last week after receiving a report from a worried onlooker about the welfare of the bleary-eyed man.

He was actually an actor who took the lead role in the UUP's pre-poll film, which aired on Wednesday evening.

The premise of the broadcast was that the dressing gown-clad man had just woken from a 15-year sleep and stumbled into UUP HQ at the junction of the Holywood Road and Belmont Road in east Belfast to be informed how the political landscape had changed while he was unconscious.

UUP leader Mike Nesbitt said: "Whoever phoned the police is obviously a good neighbour and citizen."

He described the broadcast as "Marmite" because people loved or hated hit.

"I have had more reaction than we have had to any election broadcast," Mr Nesbitt added.

"It is a bit Marmite. I would say it is four or five to one positive. We set out to provoke a reaction because we are very conscious that apathy could be the winner, and we have succeeded."

A PSNI spokeswoman said: "On the afternoon of January 25, police received a report of concern for the safety of a man on the Holywood Road. Police attended and confirmed that there was nothing untoward."

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