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Watch: I agree with Sinn Fein Islamic State comparison, says DUP's Sammy Wilson

DUP MP Sammy Wilson has said he agrees with comparisons between Sinn Fein and Islamic terror group ISIS.

The East Antrim MP appeared as part of a segment on American broadcaster PBS's News Hour programme over the weekend.

The piece 'Brexit stirs up old divides in Northern Ireland' discussed the UK's forthcoming departure from the EU and the recent political upheaval at Stormont.

Also featured was loyalist and republican murals across Belfast.

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It showed one loyalist display depicting the Omagh bombing, and attacks in London's Hyde Park and Canary Wharf, beside photos of the aftermath of the Paris attacks in 2015.

"IRA - Sinn Fein - ISIS, no difference," reads the caption.

Sammy Wilson was asked what that told him.

"First thing that tells me is that there has always been an affiliation between Irish republicans and terrorist groups especially in the middle east," he said.

Asked if he agreed with the message equating Sinn Fein with ISIS, Mr Wilson responded: "Yes, yes of course I do."

Sinn Fein said: "Sinn Fein is on the record condemning the deplorable, murderous attacks perpetrated in Paris and elsewhere and all of us need to stand against fundamentalism, bigotry, sectarianism and racism.

"Sammy Wilson’s comments are another crass attempt to engage in distraction politics.

"He would rather speak about anything else other than the botched RHI scheme and other financial scandals or the Brexit donation to the DUP by a group of ultra right wing business and corporate interests."

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